Wednesday, 9 November 2016

We're Back: AGE 2017 Announcement

You didn't think we're gone now would ya?

Well, You, my friends, thought wrong because we're just getting started.

This is Anime, Game and Entertainment Awards IV!

The Awards where we celebrate the best of the best in Pop Culture! Whether, Games, TV, Movie or even Anime, We got it all covered and we got the gongs to bring.

This year, we're gonna be doing something different.

This year, we're gonna be take top 6 of ANY category per season for consideration for nominarion and then we gonna be getting a mysterious nomination decided by the voting board. It could be anything but we don't wanna ruin the surprise for you so watch this space ;P

Also I gotta have some rules ensure you lot to follow:

For the sake of spoilers, ANY Game that is been released overseas, whether licence or not but NOT gonna be released for the west till 2017 will not be considered for this year but rather NEXT. That means that projects like Persona 5 (Released in Japan on 15th of September 2016 but gonna be released next year in Americas and Europe.) wont be considered in any way for nomination. That goes the same with Films, Anime and TV Shows as well.

HOWEVER! If there is a missing feature from a project that won't EVER be released but deem worthy for nomination will be consider for the current year. 

And with that outta the way, the consideration for nominations is happening NOW!! So you'll be seeing the nominees that will be participating for the awards early 2017! With the awards presentation being placed right here on this blog on:


So get the calendars ready, enjoy your favorite Films/games/TV Series/Anime

And we hope to see you there!!

Take care!

Oh and one other thing:

Be sure to follow the Official Page for more info, announcements, to give out your support and share your passion for POP Culture!

I know, took me long enough! LOL

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