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MCM Loves Anime. Well. So do I. MCM Love Anime: Best Of.

Yo! It's Quaka here. Been a while since I came to this blog. Just that I'm absolutely hyped OUT. Why? Let's see...Gundam, Miss Hokusai, Love Live, Empire of Corpses. some never before seen in europe, some never even been seen in Japan. What better way to spend Saturday than to squeal, awe and cry during the course of all four screenings.

First one is seen is the critically acclaimed Miss Hokusai produced by Production IG. You never thought that I.G. would nailed another extraordinary film-making since Giovanni Island. Until now. the writing and directing equals that of Studio Ghibli. It is extraordinary, powerful and most of dedicated to a fault. With fantastic visual, hard hitting story telling filled with warmness, heartbreak, humor and tragedy and a well played vocal performance from Anne Watanabe, daughter of the great Oscar nominated Ken Watanabe, it's not just a beautiful art, it's a glorious respect to the Edo era that may surpass Giovanni Island!

Second is Gundam: The Origin Part I & II (English Dub) Sunrise may not have get away with Cross Ange but when it comes to gundam, They still have a rightful place in the Mecha genre. Visuals are stunning and balanced between it's 20 year old character design and modern HD and CGI makeover. It's just that good. The Characters are from a very different class compared to Gundam Seed because with every scene has touched us with raw brutality, despair and tenderness. The audience may not have been happy with dub only screening, i'am happy to say that the english cast's hard work was one of the reason we loved the OVA. Veronica Taylor was a pure gem as Astraia Tor Deikun, Doug Stone brings charisma of the dub and Kirk Thornton was just brilliant. Greatness has a beginning and after seeing Gundam, I'm convinced.

Third is...wait for it...Love Live The school idol movie. Yep this is the movie that every idol fan wants to see. 9 reason why, Honoka, Umi, Kotori, Maki, Rin, Hanayo, Eli, Nozomi and Nico Nico freakin' NIII!! Sorry. The musical movie was sheer brilliance from start to finish, the songs were sweet to listen, the film directing was spot on, comedy was chillingly funny. Emi Nitta's performance as the ever-optimistic leader of μ's, Honoka-chan was absolutely breathtaking, a-LIVE and carried the movie nearly all the way whilst . The film surprisingly carries the school idol and stardom themes and used them in great care, it was clever, respectful and excelled by the series' Takahiko Kyogoku marvelous directing. Love Live the Movie may be for Love Live fans only but as we gave it a well deserved reception, I believe that it was a film ANIME fans will remember for a long long time. From 9 young ladies who have made it, the message is:  In your face, Justin Bieber.

Fourth and final screening is the 3rd installment of Project Itoh is Horror Action phenomenon called The Empire Of Corpses, It's dark, gritty, magical and really shows the bond of companionship in it's next level. Studio Wit has never miss the beat with it's animation and the story carried us from start to finish with it's wonderful characters brilliantly voiced by a fantastic cast of Yoshimasa Hosoya, Kana Hanazawa and the brilliant Taiten Kusunoki. Empire of corpses was deadly, tragic and filled with greatness in it's own right.

All four screenings are absolutely stunning and well deserve praise for the staffs' efforts, execution and spot on eye to detail. So that's why i'm gonna make this article special and present the Best Of Award for staff and cast for inspiration, art, narrative and creativity to make their film possible.

And Now the BEST OF award:

Reason why we love anime (Best Picture): Miss Hokusai

Best Actor*: Taiten Kusunoki as Fredrick Barnaby (The Empire Of Corpses)

Best Actress*: Veronica Taylor as Astraia Tor Deikun (Gundam: The Origin Part I/II)

Best Director: Keiichi Hara (Miss Hokusai)

Best Screenplay: Jikki Hanada (Love Live: The School Idol Movie)

Best Male Character: Fredrick Barnaby (The Empire Of Corpses)

Best Female Character: O-Ei (Miss Hokusai)

* - All Screenings are mixed between English dub and Original Japanese Audio so the award is eligible regardless of Sub and Dub

I would like to make a very special shout out to the team of Anime Limited, Sunrise's Eri Suziki-san and MCM for making such a historic anime event possible. It is an absolute honor to participate and witness all four screenings that have been emotional, well crafted, funny, nerve-wrecking and exciting to watch. 

And guys, any comments, please hit me up on Twitter or this blog. And don't forget... a new A.G.E. is coming...

Anime has London's curiosity. It may not have as much attention as it anticipated, it's getting there.

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