Tuesday, 23 June 2015

How to revive and improve the already forgotten Marvel Anime

As I looked into a forum, I seen comments about Marvel Anime. About how crap it was, about how good it was, what can be done, what would it take to make a sequel, yadda yadda. I feared it's time to make my opinion clear. I think it just an experiment of things to come. It has absolute potential. It has it's ups and downs but what made it peaked my interest is not only it gave the legendary marvel superheroes and oriental makeover (for better or worst) but it also introduce the endless possibilities of a new Marvel experience. I believe that the collaboration would have worked if the writing and characters would be properly made and monitored with care. Japan can make a good marvel story however they see fit without losing both their audience and US, the marvel fans. They just need to find the right people and story techniques to do it.

I think the best way for the collaboration to work is to create a non-linear marvel universe from the ground up. It needs to be produced really well with some of the japan's best animation studios, find the best staff for the job and not some random director with little vision and care for the history of marvel and what makes it great, make them work together with the marvel writers in the west to polish the writing and setting, make their characters fun, easy to follow and likable with deep development throughout the story, use the some anime elements for Japanese accessibility but make sure they don't sacrifice the realistic traits and originality of the characters from the comics themselves and NOT from the MCU.

The new universe is a spiritual successor to the last marvel anime series (Iron-man, Xmen, Wolverine, Blade), which means you can bring some of the exclusive characters and story elements in (Makoto, Nanami Ota) but the whole needs to be worked from the beginning. New stories, more characters, different outcomes.

The universe CAN borrow the structure similar to Marvel Anime and MCU with a culminating series, following up to the previous ones and tying in and crossing over the characters for one BIG season finale.

Which means the writing needs to be damn well improve. It needs to be straight forward, interesting, smart, comic and more importantly, as mature as the COMICS. Each and every episode has to make our audiences FEEL something positive, excited and eager to watch the next episode. It has to be tied in to the universe very well and properly exactly like comics and MCU as they are a perfect example of it. The dialogue on both Japanese language and the dubbing of English has to be better, clever, fun, well crafted and accessible to the audience.

Music has to be more intense, emotional, light and cinematic so it needs some composers from both east and west depending on the series. Openings and Endings as well.  Japanese voice actors/actresses from the last Marvel anime season, Japanese dubbing of the films and some from Disk Wars can reprise their roles for their characters while new ones needs to auditioned with proper care and careful consideration. Don't just jump the famous seiyu to a character may not suit him/her. Set them for the right attitude of that character and tone to make the fans right at home. English Dubs should follow the similar route but use for Avengers and Guardians Of The Galaxy, follow the Disney XD's Marvel Universal Block route.

Here is my suggested universe:

Iron Man - Directed by Yuzo Sato/Written by Toshiki Inoue/Composer: Tetsuya Takahashi (All from previous marvel anime series.)

X-Men - Directed by Ei Aoki (Aldnoah Zero, Fate/Zero) /Written By Mari Okada (Toradora, Lupin The Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine and Selector) /Composer: Hideyuki Fukasawa (Fate/Stay Night, Street Fighter IV)

Spider-Man - Directed by Takahiro Omori (Bacanno!, Durarara, Samurai Flemenco) / Written By Nobohu Takagi (Bacanno!, Durarara) / Composer: Yugo Kanno (Psycho Pass)

Captain America - Directed by Yoshiharu Ashino (First Squad, Cross Ange) / Written By Katsuhiko Takayama (Aldnoah Zero) / Composer: Taku Iwasaki (Jourmagand, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Battle Tendency, Gurren Lagann)

Last Series/Movie/OVA - Directed by Ei Aoki (Fate/Zero) / Written by Katsuhiko Takayama and Gen Urobochi (Aldnoah Zero, Expelled From Paradise, Puella Magi Madoka Magica) / Composer: Yutaka Yamada (Tokyo Ghoul)

Do that and you'll have yourself an Marvel Universe to be very proud of. I promise.

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