Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Y'all miss me? This is Quaka here. Sorry for the lack of response through my blog I was busy
finding a good job and watch the best anime and play the most impressive games for this year.

And boy did the year nailed it. We got news that shocked the world, surprises that'll "slaine" the competition, "disarming" end to one of the greatest manga of all time and awesome remasters.

We got next gen rpgs, nintendo exclusives that'll tear your heart out, happy birthdays to sony and loads more.

Oh gosh this is too much to take. long story short: 


With the big names in anime, tv, films and games came around in 2014

We're here to honor them for the incredible hard work for the fans across the globe.

Rules are as followed:

2nd cour of anime series starting in January of the same year is allowed to participate. (though we may have to do separate catagories.) HOWEVER it needs to finish after march 25th or it wont be eligible.) 

The award celebrates the achievements for a whole year so spring/summer and Autumn/winter will be split
5 top animes per group of seasons to qualify for nomination. tv series will be different.

for example:

Best anime of the year will have 10 nominees
The 10 will be determined two groups of seasons: Winter/Spring and Summer/Autumn

Winter/Spring is gonna rank the top 5 anime of the first half of the year.
Summer/Autumn is gonna do the same for the second half.

I may think about public vote for the top 10 for nominations. So that I can make it a fair honor for 2014's most important masterpieces.

I may add on the voice acting category as well so watch this space.

Like last year Nick's legend of korra can be eligible for best anime and best animation.

Some categorizes are gonna be modified such as best opening and endings

As well as OVA's and compilations.

For Games, TV, Movies and Animations, all of which will be the same as last year. But I may add some categories as well.

I'm gonna make the awards thing work as a by-fans-for-fans basis so again please don't take my project seriously to the point where studios may look it up as an infringement which can be very upsetting for some.

So all copyrights belong to the studios, actors and game developers so please support them in anyway you can.

Any ways that's all from me. I was in a bit of a rush typing all this so if none of this makes any sense to you, let me know and i'll sort it out asap. Also I need some supporters to help me make this project work. After all, this is a by-fans-for fans thing ;-)

Ok that's it from me. I'm gonna post all this to crunchyroll and ANN. Possibly Fandom Post and IGN community forum and the like as well if i'm desperate enough. 

This is Quaka signing off, god bless and welcome back to AGIEA!!

AGIEA 2014!!

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