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Just to let you guys know, unsurprisingly, I'm not only a final fantasy fan, I'm a bit of a new born into JRPGs as well. I watched my brother play FFVII and/or VIII when I was young, I used to enjoy watching him playthrough the games even though I never seem to remember if we reached the endings. I liked the characters and the story drew me in quicker than Ethan Hawke pulling the trigger on Denzel Washington in Training Day. (Those who have'nt seen it, where tha f**k have u been) My first FF was FFXII which is very very epic for me because the soundtrack, story and the world is very well orchestrated and something people should never forget. Bad news is I haven't completed it. I played VII, Dessidia and that's it. And here's when FFXIII comes to play. 

TBH, I really REALLY don't give a s**t about the linearity (cuz I probably understand that the 7th Gen really don't power out that much at the beginning) as long as the rest of the package came well. I went to a midnight launch of final fantasy xiii for a the PS3, I had a chat with some FF fanatics, we collected some goodies and eer...was pissed off dat I couldn't get da game signed by Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama. But at least I got da game and played with my hearts content. I really enjoyed it. Seriously I did. Most of the character were spot on, the story, while not perfect, is excellently executed with happy results, and the visuals were some of the best I ever seen. It was an imperfect, coulda-woulda but star-studed, beautiful game that should be one of the hearts of why we love JRPGS. 

And then the clouds started to be darken and comes the s**t storm from square enix. We were very excited for XIII-2 with the protagonist role switched to the Lightning's (Ali Hillis/Maaya Sakamoto) sister, Sarah Farron (Laura Bailey/Minako Kotobuki) and new character Noel Kreiss (Jason Marsden/Daisuke Kishio). The story shift gears and based it on time travel. The gameplay enhanced too. But the when the game got out, the recipe was f**ked. Every improvement was there. One problem. The frigging story line and dialogue were poisoned by crappy writers to a lower degree. It was so bad and cringeworthy that I had to trade in my copy to CEX. Seriously, WTF is the point of making a JRPG if you can't make the story right? DSP was so right on the money (on his opinion, don't mean I take it on his word):

I checked the 25th Anniversary event, It was announced that Lightning has one last chance to redeem herself with us fans as Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was announced. They hyped it up so much that I had to pray that they don't F it up. I had to believe that they can end it all with a bang and make it one of the best JRPGs and swan song for this gen (not PS4/XBONE). But more I wait for it, the less I'm interested in it. I wanted to like lightning. I tried. But it sucked. They all this time to cook something special and they couldn't be F**KIN' arsed to make the story AS powerful AS at least FFVIII. They had the chance to make the characters feel alive more and not a pain in the arse, blad. But square rushed and rushed. They f**ked it up big time. 

The content is actually good, very good. better than Tales Of Xillia. (no offence, Baba) But they write the story almost like Tommy f**king Wiseau. I'm praising the team like Kitase-san but I'm absolutely PISSED with Motomu Toriyama and Daisuke Watanabe for writing like Tommy F**king Wiseau. The game ain't shit without Kazushige Nojima, I'm calling it now. Like I said, WTF is the point of making a great JRPG if you can't do a great writing? FFS. I felt like gordon ramsay screaming at Josh in Season 3 of Hell's Kitchen Series 3. They made sure the production value all for nothing. Hell, the VAs, both Japanese and English gave their all on this because they, we all hope that the experience is something to be proud of. Which it is but just isn't as captivating as most work.

They f**king destroyed this gen's FF. Toriyama-san, I meant no disrespect but please don't write again.ever. and someone please sack daisuke watanabe because he's mostly to blame for this! I'm NOT waiting just on FFX-HD, Tales Of Zestiria, Persona 5, KH3, and FFXV just because XIII trilogy disaster. 

Look, I'm not writing this just to down square enix, Toriyama-san or Watanabe-san, I'm just a bit upset that my faith in XIII is all for nothing. XIII is one of my favorites but I can't believe that XIII's reputation got shot down by stubborn sequels and missing writing flavors that made other FFs like VI, VII and XII magical and crap. My apologies, yh. I just have express my opinion on the disapointment that spread through the fans hearts around the world. We just hope that Tetsuya Nomura-san's team can re-ignite the spark that gave us the reason to love FF.

Sigh. Alright.  XV, here we come.

I know developers can't please everyone but that don't mean they can disappoint them either.

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