Thursday, 23 January 2014


Superhero are full of surprises. As DC Universe announced that Batman is a daddy and it's coming this may 2014, Marvel has given the land of the rising sun another shot as they announced a new Marvel Animation from the big Japanese anime studio, MAD HOUSE; Avengers Confidential: Black Widow And  Punisher. Now this kind of concept is surprising because it stars Black Widow and The Punisher working together to bust heads, The Spy And The Vigilante. Last time I checked, I saw Natasha had Frank Castles' neck swinging lol and here's something that's even more crazier: Jennifer Carpenter of Dexter fame is voicing Black Widow (Sorry, LB fans) and Brian Bloom from Avengers: EMH and Call Of Duty: MW3 is voicing Punisher. More voice actors to be announced soon as Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Thor, War Machine and Hulk. (HULK!?) are making an appearance.  Proudly, it is based on the story by Marjorie Liu and the animation style is more western but let's hope and pray that the execution can back it up. If things go sweet (and Miyuki Sawashiro-san resprises her role as BW from Iron Man: Rise Of The Technovore. Sorry She just too damn good) then we may look into a more brighter future for Marvel Animation and Madhouse. The Mix Ain't Dead Yet.

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