Sunday, 22 December 2013

The AGEIA Awards!

What's up. Quaka here! Well we are close to the biggest celebration of the year. And I'm sure you guy are s**t cold right now. It's Christmas, baby. And we're about to get it good!

Well later on I'll let u guys know what i'm getting for xmas at the blog but right now, there's gonna be some changes. 1st I'm making AGEIA awards to celebrate the biggest games and anime of 2013 right here. Second, regarding fighting game scene, i'm making a very special project that would reshape the scene.

The AGEIA means Anime Gaming Entertainment Industry Awards to celebrate the anime and gaming throughout the year. My 1st one i done so bear with me with nominees and all dat. any comments just tweet. It would help a lot. Just to let you know that this award is on a 'by fans for fans' basis and should NOT be interfering with any businesses or copyrights so please do not take this as official and understand that this award is for fun purposes. 

Now over to the categories:

TV Anime Of 2013
Film Anime Of 2013
Game Of 2013
Male Anime Character Of 2013
Female Anime Character Of 2013
Male Gaming Character Of 2013
Female Gaming Character 2013
Anime Studio Of 2013
Game Developers of 2013
Anime Opening Song Of 2013
Anime Soundtrack Of 2013
Anime Sound Designs Of 2013
Gaming Soundtrack Of 2013
Gaming Sound Design Of 2013
Anime Episode Of 2013
DLC Of 2013
PS3 Game Of 2013
XBOX Game Of 2013
Wii U Game Of 2013
PC Game Of 2013
3DS Game Of 2013
PSVITA Game Of 2013
Youtube Gamer Of 2013
TV Shows Of 2013
TV Animation Of 2013
Film Of 2013
Best Writing In Anime
Best Writing In Gaming
Assemble Seiyuu Cast Of 2013
Assemble Voice Cast Of 2013
Most Anticipated Anime Of 2014
Most Anticipated Game Of 2014

(: / Boy im not messing around am I)

Here are the catagories for AGEIA. What do you think? Just giving me a tweet or a comment. Any kind of feedback would be much welcome. Nominees coming soon... Thank you. And merry muddaf*$kin christmas! :)


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