Friday, 1 November 2013



What a night. I was gladly invited to a special x box one tour thanks to ShopTo (A Thousand Kudos to them) When I was at Eurogamer, I was a bit screwed because there were so many people hogging the next gen system but thanks to the invite only event, i had the chance to test out the upcoming gems; Forza 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, Kinect Sports Rivals, Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4. 

Forza 5 is the most challenging. I never seen such a racing simulation where precision is pure key to perfect your game. you really need to learn how to make sharp turns without decreasing momentum. The visuals are fantastic. you could witness the whole race come to life and the models are looking sharp and crisp with reflection that you could see in your own eyes. Forza MotorSport 5 is a racing game it's competitors needs to look out for. 

Ryse is looks real bloody, brutal and downright intense. The controls and very simple and deadly at the same time. I couldn't remember the last time i seen a beautiful scenery from the arena as I chant and entertain the roman people to their liking. Yep, it defo looks like Sparticus. CryEngine is actually ready to headstart the next gen with the graphics that I could believe we're in next gen. 

Kinect Sports is a surprise gem. While I STILL don't think it's worth the £450/$499, I shouldn't underestimate the fluid response to the kinect's controls. I only played the jetski racing and I was really impress how a lot of fun the kinect can be and if microsoft keep it up maybe, just maybe, Kinect would be making it's mark to technology evolution.

Dead Rising 3 is a hell of a playground. How does a game in it's calibur holds like a horde of the dead and still run smooth is beyond me. While not engined by the PS4's Panta Rhei (for the upcoming Deep Down)), it can still hold off well for next gen. The weapons I can craft with f**k near limitless and you gonna need all the help you can get to get out of the califonia while its still not hot. The city of Los Perdido is an open world filled with things to look for, weapons to use and/or craft, wheels to ride and of course, zombies to kill. Dead Rising 3 is looking to making the dead STAY dead in big, big meaning.

Battlefield 4 is looking to beatdown FPS this year and after 3 domination matches i've put through, I think it's starting to look EA's way. the destruction is no joke, the customization is fantastically expanded, the action is godlike and visuals are excellent. Battlefield 4 on next gen is looking to head start FPS for next gen. Infinity Wards, Your Move.

Well that's it. and I'm proud to say that x box one is looking very promising with the games lineup. Now mind you im not taking any sides, it looks like Microsoft's secret weapon are the games and boy are the games that damn good. XBOX is starting to redeem itself. All it has to do is lower the price tag. 

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