Thursday, 8 August 2013

July to August digest

Now as for Ultra Street Fighter IV...I probably pissed about the character decisions. If i want them on sfiv it should probably done by ver2012. Even if you guys are making them from scratch, you could have add some more to satisfy the fgc players' varieties since you guys stated this. What kinda bullcrap is that!? I'm sorry, im a bit gratetful for what u guys are doing but you need to do better these kinda business tactics. 

Resident evil 6 (game) is getting a complete edition in japan with complete dlc sets and japanese voice cast. And here it is: ゾンビ 

Here's the trailer: oh it's probably out soon so check google play asia and shop all the games from asia there.

Movie Review: The Wolverine

While the 2/3 of the movie wasn't quite living up to it's potential, Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold put up a MARVELous show with The Wolverine. It's starts with Logan still hurting with guilt and regret of what happened in The Last Stand but when an old friend beacons him to the Land of the Rising sun, it was turning from a friendly reunion to journey of redemption, pain, mortality, honor and more importantly CLAWS!! James Mangold is one of the best at what he does with the marvel film so emotion, landscape, dark moments and more concentrated of one of marvel comics greatest characters who EVER lived in comics. Hugh is such a beast. he proved that in his unfortunate last outing and he proved that in The Wolverine. The grand finale is disappointing. I'm not gonna spoil but don't expect anything powerful. still don't let it get to you as The Wolverine is a film that is still giving you reasons to not underestimate superhero films. The supporting characters are a bit of a hit and miss. While Mariko (Tao Okamoto) and Yukio (Rila Fukushima) are well played, the viper needs a bit of work. She's not the kind of character i expect from marvel comics and yes I know it's marvel movie so anything goes but i dont think she works well as a villain for Logan.  Overall, the Wolverine is a x men film that'll keep your mind occupied for the day our future will become past. 8/10

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