Thursday, 15 August 2013

GTAV Online reveal!!!!

So...this is it. (Well...nearly it.)

When I first saw the end of this game play trailer, I saw something that may change the way we play open world multiplayer and MMO doesn't count.

I saw around 16 players flying, running and driving.

I saw GTA Online.

NOW we're about to witness the full details of the online.

I excite.




You guys see that s**t!? Holy f**k!! THAT WAS MAJOR SICKNESS!!!
Now we all where the massive half of the 8 gigabytes came from! lol

The multiplayer feels like we got a whole world watching.

  • When I say we got a whole world watching. I also mean we got the world in our hands. Probably the biggest open world in gaming history is ours to do what we see fit. towns, districts, hills, wilderness and mountains. MOUNTAINS!!
  • Plenty of things to check with friends and without. With skydiving, hunting, racing, robbing, heists, property buying and lots more coming. Hell you can invite your friends to your house and start a party!! Sweet. Try not to get into trouble with cops.
  • Classic modes returns with team death match, team mafia and free for all.
  • Enhanced customization. You can actually create and customize your character from scratch, customize your ride to your liking and even your own race tracks and challenges and show it all to your friends.
  • Characters and missions? There are characters you might be familiar with from the original game. But does that mean we have multiplayer missions??? 
It's been a while since I played GTA online on GTA IV. TBH I not quite on it when i was playing it. It feels empty and there wasn't many people at the time. Hopefully with right servers on V, it all changes...

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